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ScoreBook Lite!

Now you can experience the power of ScoreBook before you buy! ScoreBook Lite is a free edition of ScoreBook that has nearly all the features of the full ScoreBook program. Here's how it differs:

  • Limited to One League
  • Limited to Five Teams
  • Limited to Five Games
  • Importing and Exporting Games is not allowed

Install ScoreBook Baseball or ScoreBook Softball as follows:

You can install and run this program for free in "Lite" mode. Then, you may purchase it at any time and begin using its full functionality.
  • Click on the link to download the correct product.
  • A message from explorer asks if you want to "OPEN IT" or "SAVE IT TO DISK". Choose "Save IT TO DISK".
  • Ignore any warnings about security. (open it "anyway")
  • Follow the instructions you're given.

    NOTE: If you are already running a previous version of ScoreBook and want to install ScoreBook Lite to evaluate it, be CERTAIN to change the Installation directory to be different than where your previous version of ScoreBook is installed. (See warning below). We recommend using "C:\AAS\SBB". It should automatically import all the data from your previous installation.

    WARNING: If you are currently running a previous version of Scorebook, you must backup your current data before downloading the update. The installation of the update can lose your current data. Backing it up is your only protection. Once deleted, we cannot help you recover the data.
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"I used to dread little league season, with all the hours of paperwork. Trying to schedule all the teams, registering and keeping track of all the players was an absolute nightmare. Your software was an answer to my prayers!

H. Mann,
New Paltz, NY